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Kindly makes it easy for anyone to purchase measurable social impact that is fully tracked and publicly verifiable online.


    Aiming to Serve Another 8 Billion Meals & More

    Kindly is a for-profit social enterprise that was co-created by visionary Paul R. Turner, founder of Food for Life Global (FFLG) and former monk of 14 years. As one of the largest food relief programs in the world, FFLG served over 8 billion meals since its inception in 1994 and has joined forces with Kindly to do it again using the latest in blockchain and Web3 technology.

    Our team and advisory board include people from companies such as PlayStation, BlackRock, and Walt Disney’s California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) who are committed to generating social impact, limiting carbon footprint, and adopting more environmentally sustainable practices.

Making a Difference

Being kind never felt so right.

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  • The Future of Giving

    Kindly is revolutionizing giving through the gradual rollout of its new innovative products and services.

      Industry Changing Features

    • Measurable Outputs
    • Maximum Transparency
    • Detailed Tracking
    • Fractional Impact Transactions
    • Vetted Impact Partners
    • Periodic Auditing & Compliance
    • Product Integrations Capabilities
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Product Roadmap

Kindly is constantly developing new tools and technologies to help make it easier for companies and individuals to do good in the world.

  • Kindly Engine

    The brains of the ecosystem that tracks & processes all social impact transactions.

  • Kindly Search

    Lets anyone easily search, view, & track all social impact transactions.

    Learn More
  • Kindly Market

    An easy way for companies & individuals to purchase measurable social impact.

    Purchase Impact
  • Kindly Coin

    The rewards token for the ecosystem that supports our users & impact partners.

  • Kindly API

    Allows for product & system integrations to pragmatically generate impact.

    Coming Soon!
  • Kindly Plugins

    Enabling small & medium size businesses to easily become socially responsible.

    Coming Soon!

Kindly Podcast

Crypto For Humanity

Check out some of the highlighted episodes from our Crypto For Humanity podcast which gets published on both YouTube and Spotify.

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    The Future of Ownership with Cirus Foundation

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    Corporations, Funding & Pain Points of Web3 Startups

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    Are NFTs Dead? A Look at Web3 Technologies

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    The Kindly Project & Creating Measurable Social Impact


    Paul R. Turner

    Previously a devoted monk of 14 years before starting Food For Life Global which grew to become one of the world's largest food relief charity programs. Paul is also a veteran of the World Bank, entrepreneur, holistic life coach, vegan chef, and author of 6 books.

    Food For Life Global

    Follow Him on:

  • Paul Rodney Turner Paul Rodney Turner Paul Rodney Turner

    Michael Kirlew

    Accomplished executive and entrepreneur with a flourishing career in corporate branding, product development and creative strategies. With a passion for doing good and bringing empowerment to the world, Michael has been involved in cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2014, actively investing and working with Web3-based projects.

    Watch Kindly Launch

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  • Michael Kirlew Michael Kirlew Michael Kirlew

The Kindly Team

Dave Gray
James Skinner
Devin Gyug
Adrian Bernard
Timothy Musick
Carmelia Ray
Tomas Rey
  • Dave Gray


    James Skinner


    Devin Gyug

    Sales & Operations

    Adrian Bernard

    Social Impact

    Timothy Musick


    Carmelia Ray

    PR & Marketing

    Tomas Rey


Strategic Advisors

  • Team Member

    Matthew Levitan

    Sony Playstation

  • Team Member

    Chris Handte

    BlackRock / Deutsche Bank

  • Team Member

    Ajay Kapur

    CalArts / Disney

  • Team Member

    Jim Sleeman

    Castlemaine Real Esate

  • Team Member

    Jinkyu Hong

    Python Capital / Morgan Stanley

  • Team Member

    Ashik Karim

    UpCapital / Vodafone / Accenture

Brand Assets

Corporate Identity

Below are the official Kindly logos that are used on all company materials including marketing, products and services.

  • Kindly Logo

    Kindly Logo

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  • Kindly Logo (Black & White)

    Black & White Logo

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  • Kindly Symbol

    Kindly Coin Symbol

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  • Kindly Symbol (Black & White)

    Black & White Symbol

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Brand Assets

Product Images

A collection of product images of people in a variety of locations using the Kindly platform.

  • Kindly Website

    Kindly Website


  • Kindly Search

    Kindly Search

    Main Page

  • Social Impact Transaction

    Social Impact Transaction

    Via Kindly Search Website

  • Social Impact Transaction

    Social Impact Transaction

    Via Kindly Search Website

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