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Kindly makes it easy for anyone to purchase measurable social impact that is fully tracked and publicly verifiable online.

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It's Becoming Harder to Give

It's Becoming Harder
to Give

With the emergence of charity and green washing, it's getting harder for businesses to trust charitable organizations.

Our Solution

Consumers Care and Demand Accountability

While 84% of consumers expect companies to generate positive social impact, they also want to know where the money is going and how much impact is being created.

Our Solution

Kindly Provides Maximum Transparency and Trust

Utilizing the latest in blockchain technology, Kindly enables anyone to purchase measurable social impact that is fully tracked and publicly verifiable online.

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    Aiming to Serve Another 8 Billion Meals & More

    Kindly is a for-profit social enterprise that was co-created by visionary Paul R. Turner, founder of Food for Life Global (FFLG) and former monk of 14 years. As one of the largest food relief programs in the world, FFLG served over 8 billion meals since its inception in 1994 and has joined forces with Kindly to do it again using the latest in blockchain and Web3 technology.

    Our team and advisory board include people from companies such as PlayStation, BlackRock, and Walt Disney’s California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) who are committed to generating social impact, limiting carbon footprint, and adopting more environmentally sustainable practices.

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  • Kindly Impact Products

    Kindly sells measurable social impact as a product by working with our vetted industry partners to execute and verify the impact. The combination of all our impact products satisfy 13 of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with more partners coming soon to address the remaining 4 SDGs.

      • Feeding People in Need
      • Providing Books to Africa
      • Preventing Ocean Bound Plastics
      • Planting Trees
      • Feeding Rescued Animals
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  • Visualizing Giving

    Kindly Search lets anyone easily search, view, and track all social impact transactions that occur within the Kindly ecosystem.

    • search

      Detailed Search

      Search transactions by company, individual, impact partner & txIDs.

    • update

      View Status of Impacts

      Follow the full impact journey from money sent to impact being fulfilled.

    • currency_exchange

      Track Flow of Funds

      All impact purchases are tracked & recorded on a public blockchain.

    • system_update_alt

      Export Data

      Download detailed transaction history information as a CSV file.

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Built for Accountability

The Kindly Ecosystem is built from the ground up to satisfy the social and environmental impact needs for both businesses and consumers.

  • Multiple Impacts

    Offers 5+ different types of social & environmental impacts.

  • Measurable Outputs

    All impact products sold have predefined measurable outputs.

  • Customer Impact Profiles

    Every customer has a profile that shows a full history of their impact.

  • Unified Reporting

    All impact products provide similar reporting & data metrics.

  • Detailed Tracking

    Kindly publicly tracks everything from the flow of funds to the full impact journey.

  • Trusted Impact Partners

    Kindly only uses vetted & well established industry leading impact partners to execute our orders.

  • Maximum Transparency

    Public blockchain technology is used to permanently record & process all transactions.

  • SDG Contributions

    Our impacts products collectively satisfy 13 of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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Project Roadmap

See how we plan to grow our ecosystem.


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Kindly Search 2.0 Development


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More Impact Partners Planning


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