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Kindly sells measurable social impact as a product by working with our vetted industry partners to execute and verify the impact.

* All prices in USD.

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    Feeding People in Need

    Across the world, conflict, natural disasters, and economic shocks have left over 135 million people faced with acute hunger.

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    Planting Trees

    Our partners work with local communities to plant trees and restore forests supporting local jobs and protecting the environment.

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    Feeding Rescued Animals

    Help feed rescued animals that were either abandoned, abused, or taken from poor living conditions (ie. cats, dogs, rabbits & chickens).

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    Providing Books to Africa

    Support the improvement of literacy in Africa by helping to ship and distribute donated text and library books across the continent.

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    Preventing Ocean-Bound Plastics

    Help support the prevention and collection of harmful plastics in coastal regions before they reach the ocean.

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    Kindly All-in-One Impact

    Create maximum social impact by purchasing all 5 of our impact products to satisfy 13 of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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With more Social Impacts Coming Soon!

  • Visualizing Giving

    Kindly Search lets anyone easily search, view, and track all social impact transactions that occur within the Kindly ecosystem.

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      Detailed Search

      Search transactions by company, individual, impact partner & txIDs.

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      View Status of Impacts

      Follow the full impact journey from money sent to impact being fulfilled.

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      Track Flow of Funds

      All impact purchases are tracked & recorded on a public blockchain.

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      Export Data

      Download detailed transaction history information as a CSV file.

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Built for Accountability

The Kindly Ecosystem is built from the ground up to satisfy the social and environmental impact needs for both businesses and consumers.

  • Multiple Impacts

    Offers 5+ different types of social & environmental impacts.

  • Measurable Outputs

    All impact products sold have predefined measurable outputs.

  • Customer Impact Profiles

    Every customer has a profile that shows a full history of their impact.

  • Unified Reporting

    All impact products provide similar reporting & data metrics.

  • Detailed Tracking

    Kindly publicly tracks everything from the flow of funds to the full impact journey.

  • Trusted Impact Partners

    Kindly only uses vetted & well established industry leading impact partners to execute our orders.

  • Maximum Transparency

    Public blockchain technology is used to permanently record & process all transactions.

  • SDG Contributions

    Our impacts products collectively satisfy 13 of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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  • Custom Solutions

    • For custom large orders, recurring impact, and/or product integrations, please fill out this form and a Kindly representative will get in touch with you.

    1. Fill out the form

    2. We create an impact plan

    3. Onboard your company

    4. Generate transparent impact

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and community members.

    • About Kindly
    • Impact Products
    • Order Process
    • Blockchain
    • What is Kindly?

      Kindly is a for-profit social enterprise focused on bringing maximum transparency to giving through the creation of multiple products and tools to make it easy for anyone to give.

      Where are you located?

      We are truly an international team of passionate people located across the globe, including Canada, US, Colombia, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, and Japan. Kindly is officially registered in Singapore and Australia.

      Is Kindly a charity?

      No. Kindly is a for-profit social enterprise selling measurable impact as a product with a guaranteed output.

    • If I buy your impacts, is it considered a donation?

      No. Kindly is a for-profit social enterprise selling measurable impact as a product with a guaranteed output. Depending on your tax jurisdiction, our impacts can be up to 100% tax deductible as a “Cause Marketing” expense.

      What is the cost breakdown of our impact products?

      As an early stage startup, the Kindly platform funds the ongoing operations of the project, including development, marketing and supporting the value of the Kindly Coin rewards token, and the creation of additional products and services. Currently, we ensure that at least 70% of all sales go directly to our impact partners, with expectations of improved efficiencies to allow for higher percentages in the future.

      Why buy impact from Kindly vs. direct from charities?

      Kindly offers additional levels of transparency, trust, accountability and reporting.  We have strict criteria for our impact partners and maintain a robust system of monitoring and controls to ensure that impacts are delivered as promised.

    • I just purchased impact, where is my tracking info?

      Please note that it takes 24-48 hours from the receipt of funds to initiate the processing of social impacts through our impact platform. Detailed tracking information will be emailed to you once that has been confirmed.

      Why does it take 24-48 hours to start?

      As part of our commitment to provide maximum transparency, Kindly processes all money through the blockchain to publicly track and verify the flow of funds. Additional time is required to convert those funds for processing over the blockchain. We project that processing times will drastically decline in the near future as we continue to grow our infrastructure.

      How long does it take to process orders?

      Average processing time for our impacts vary from 7-90 days (or more), depending on the type of impact purchased.

    • What is a blockchain?

      Blockchain is a fully public, secure, un-hackable, decentralized network that has no one central server. All transactions recorded on a blockchain are permanent entries which cannot be modified nor altered.

      Why is blockchain important for trusted giving?

      It enables us to track all aspects of our platform publicly, including the flow of funds, in a manner that cannot be altered nor deleted, eliminating the possibility of collusion, scams or misuse of funds.

      How does blockchain help companies & their customers?

      Blockchain technology allows anyone to easily search and verify the actions of Kindly and our impact partners, which introduces a new level of transparency and confidence to giving.